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If you’re looking for a way to manage your team, use Hubstaff. I’d been using it for almost two years now, and believe me, this software is amazing. I get the job done right when I need it, pat someone on the back for doing a great job, and pay my team on time for their hard work.

I tried several team management software before, and they didn’t work for me for many reasons. I needed a tool not to police my employees but to make sure that everything is in place. My primary goal was not to identify who’s cheating their work time but how to use relevant data to make everyone in the team more productive.

Luckily, I found Hubstaff, a time tracking tool that lets me do more than just checking what my team is doing every minute. Since day one, this software has helped me organize tasks, track their progress, create payroll, and bill my clients. You can do all of these under a single, interconnected interface.

Want to know how it works? Let me show you how.

Is Hubstaff Legit?

I get this question a lot, and I completely understand why. With so many fraudulent schemes lurking on the web, people want to make sure that they are dealing with the real thing before making a move.

Let me get straight to the point: Hubstaff is legit. They’d been around since 2012 and still growing. Many top-notch industry leaders use and trust them to help them with their day-to-day operations.

Most of my team members are in the Philippines, and Hubstaff makes it easier for me to monitor their attendance and pay them each week. I also use it for my local team here in Australia, and I have no complaints so far. I wouldn’t recommend the software which I personally use if it’s just after my money.

Do you need proof of legitimacy? Just check online review sites, and you will see thousands of recommendations from satisfied users like me.

How Hubstaff Works?

To understand how Hubstaff works, it’s best to sign-up for its 2-months free trial first. How “free” is “free”? It’s absolutely free with no strings attached – no need to enter any of your credit card information to complete the registration. Once you have the account, go ahead and explore various options, including:

Employee Monitoring

 1. Application and Website Monitoring

Do you want to see what your team is doing during their paid working hours?

Hubstaff’s time tracking app works two-ways: it monitors their time and allows you to see their activities too. The software captures what percentage of their time is spent on each application or website. It will show you the exact pages your employees have accessed while working. You can visit the URLs to determine if the website is work-related or your agent is binge-watching Netflix while logged-in.

2. Screenshot Monitoring

The app takes a screenshot of your employee’s screen every 10 minutes. The screenshot will show you the entire screen of each member of the team. In the screenshot, you will see what each member is working on and how productive they are every 10 minutes.

The software takes a screenshot many times within the entire shift. This makes it impossible for anyone to consider outsmarting the program since he knows that his PC records proofs of his activities.

3. Activity Levels Monitoring

It’s impossible to monitor what your team is doing all the time. And if you spend a lot of time looking at what they are working on, they might find it uncomfortable.

With Hubstaff, you don’t need to act like a spy. The app automatically monitors the level of your team’s performance based on keystrokes and mouse movement. The software calculates the percentage of time a particular employee is actively doing his work in 10 minutes.

If your employee’s activity level is somewhere between 60% – 94%, they are on the right track. If it falls below 60%, it indicates that your employee is procrastinating or slow in doing the task. In this case, your intervention is necessary to make your agent aware that he needs to up his game or change his attitude towards work.

4. Set Weekly Work Limit

Hubstaff enables you to set the maximum number of hours your employee can work for an entire week. The time tracking tool automatically stops whenever one exceeds the allowed working hours. This feature will tell your employees to finish the tasks before they maxed out their time.

In case you or your team needs additional time to finish, you can always edit the time limit for a specific employee.

5. Project Status Monitoring

It’s hard to keep track of what everyone has done for the day or week, especially if most team members work remotely. With Hubstaff, you can see individual employee’s progress.

By looking at the team dashboard, you will determine which member is doing what and the level of progress he accomplished to finish the task assigned to him. The dashboard will tell you the status of each project at a glance. This will help you make a plan to improve your team’s performance.

Note: Although Hubstaff shows you the level of completion of each task, the software itself is not a project management tool. They have separate software for project management which can integrate well with the time-tracking feature.

In my case, I use Teamwork Projects for project management, which fully integrates with Hubstaff too. You can learn more about software compatibility after signing-up. Their friendly customer support team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about doing a third-party integration into your account.

Project Billing and Invoicing

With Hubstaff’s billing and invoicing features, you can take care of company finances even without an accountant’s help. This feature helps you manage your finances by being in control of your employee’s salaries.

  1. Time Sheet Management

With the system’s timesheet management capability, you have a way to monitor your employee’s login details. It will show you if some of your employees are cheating their check-in and check-out timings.

Their login details are automatically linked to a payroll system. You will know exactly how much you need to pay each of your employees.

 2.  Payroll System

After you approve each member’s timesheet, the payroll software calculates payout based on the number of hours each member is logged in. However, if you have a fixed-term agreement with a specific member of your team, you can disable this hourly-based payment system.

In my case, I have team members both here in Australia and the Philippines. For my Australian employees, I use Xero as a payroll system, which is great. But for my Filipino employees, Xero doesn’t adapt well to additional wages mandated by the Philippine government such as 13th-month pay. I’m thankful because Hubstaff works seamlessly with PayPal and TransferWise, allowing me to automatically send payment to my team abroad.

 3.  Invoicing

Creating an invoice is easier with Hubstaff. You can bill your clients for either a fixed or hourly rate, depending on your contract. No need to wait for days or months to receive payment for your hard work!

There are other additional benefits of using the software, all of which you can learn first-hand when you sign-up in their program.

Hubstaff lets you manage your team easier. This software incredibly lightens up your load to give you time for things that matter more.

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