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Website Audit: How Strong is Your Website?

Do you wonder how your website is doing? How many people discover it daily? What are their activities on each page? If these questions intrigue you, you badly need our website audit self-assessment which you can download from this page.

But before hitting that download button, let us first explain important points that are crucial as you conduct your analyses. After reading this blog, you will realize how easy it is to use the form. If things are a little bit complicated to execute, reach out to us and we will be glad to help you.

Why You Need to Audit Your Website

Your website may look pretty, but everything you see is only the surface. The performance of your website is rooted in many factors, most of which are invisible to the eyes. To analyze hidden details, you need to use tools that can really get into the core of the data and interpret the information intelligently.

A full-scale web audit analyzes every aspect of your website. It gives you a comprehensive overview of the things that are doing well and those that need improvement. It factors in a lot of details to see the success of your website from different perspectives: yours, your customers, and Google.

Doing a website audit is very helpful in the following scenarios:

  •  Gives a clear picture of the changes you need to do to your website. It serves as the starting point whenever you decide to do a complete revamp of your website.
  •  It tells you if you’re reaching the right target market. If not, it gives you an idea of how to boost online traffic.
  • Gives you a step-by-step process in making sure that you apply all the requirements of a good website. It points you to the best tool that you can use to check on a particular element of your page.
  • A comprehensive website audit magnifies the relationship of each element to another. Knowing how a component affects the performance of other parts will make you conscious of the changes that you want to implement.

Benefits of a Website Audit

If your goal for creating a website is to sell a product or service, you can use a website audit to boost your marketing. Here are some ways to do it:

Website Performance Optimization

Get an in-depth perspective of your website both on its content and technical aspect. A well-structured website audit will let you inspect the sturdiness of the technical framework of your pages. It allows you to determine the friendliness of your website for both the search engines and users. Getting a good grasp of its performance optimization lets you understand how easy it is to find your website and navigate different pages.

Search Engine Optimization

By now, you should know what an SEO means and how it helps your business grow. With the right website audit, you can identify the loopholes in your SEO strategy that negatively impacts the performance of your website. Some of these misguided SEO tactics might be about keyword stuffing, exact match anchor text links, absence of meta-description, among other things.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are your lead generation and conversion tactics effective? A good website audit must give you the answer. If based on the result you spot overlooked opportunities, you can create a better plan to optimize your pages for better conversion.

How to Use Our Website Audit Form

Our downloadable Website Audit Self-Assessment offers a comprehensive, “all-in” review of your entire site, from the invisible elements in the backend to content that users see and read. It is divided into 12 categories:

1. Above the Fold (Home Page)

2. Top Menu (Header)

3. Tracking and Security (Technical)

4. Visualization (UI)

5. Mobile (UX)

6. Speed and Responsiveness

7. Search Engine Optimization

8. Blog Content

9. Footer Menu

10. Contact Methods

11. Sales (Lead Generation)

12. E-Commerce Only (Special Cases)

Most of these categories are self-explanatory, and the questions under them help explain what each group means. For instance, in the Top Menu category, the leading questions refer to all the elements that appear on the home page of every website. To answer each question, you need to inspect your home page.

Adjacent to each question, answer with a Yes or a No. If you answered Yes, a corresponding point will auto-populate. If No, you don’t earn a point. If you need a tool to perform what is being asked from you, you can use the recommended tools under the “Link” column.

After answering all the questions in every category, you will see the total points you earned below the page. If you answered the questions correctly, the score you earned would reflect the overall performance of your website. If your score is:

  • Between 0-49, your website requires major revamp. You might need to build your website from scratch.
  • Between 50-59, you got most of the things covered. However, there are still minor tweaks to do to make it work even better.
  • Between 90-100, your website is doing extremely well. You must be doing something special. We love to hear it.

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