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Since 2015, SMRT Digital has been working with small and medium businesses to strategize, implement, and optimize their digital marketing campaigns.
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Since 2015, SMRT Digital has been working with small and medium businesses to implement and optimize their digital marketing campaigns. Initially, this was done on a part-time basis while Josh White, our Marketing Director and Founder, was still employed full-time as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Business Blueprint.

While at Business Blueprint, Josh worked with thousands of business owners across different industries. He helped them launch effective marketing campaigns. He did this through presentations at conferences, webinars with clients, and consultancy services during the Roundtable Mentor sessions.

In September 2019, Josh resigned from Business Blueprint and began working full-time for SMRT Digital. Ever since, he’s always been passionate about working directly with clients and creating a bigger impact on their businesses. His eagerness to help various companies motivated him to put up his digital marketing agency.

Together with an amazing offshore team, SMRT provides digital marketing services to a handful of clients at a given time. We like to spend enough on each client account to implement marketing strategies responsive to the goals of each business.

Josh has worked with thousands of businesses across different sectors- from operations, finance, sales and marketing. He loves challenges, so limiting himself to a particular niche is not an option. As long as he can contribute his expertise in marketing strategy and execution, he will surely rise to the occasion.

He was previously the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 5 years at The Entourage, and acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a couple of years. He was also a seed-investor and shareholder until the end of his employment. These experiences give him a well-rounded level of expertise across all areas of business. SMRT a unique edge over other agencies.

SMRT Digital has a proven track record in offering clients a wide range of services. We do web design and development, automation and integration, marketing strategy, email marketing and CRM. Our team is adept in graphic design, website performance optimization, SEO, and digital marketing for brand awareness, traffic, lead generation, conversions and remarketing.

The SMRT Digital Team is composed of digital marketing strategists, account managers, web designers and developers, and graphic designers. We also have Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn campaign specialists, SEO and SEM experts, copywriters, content creators, and social media coordinators. We have a full suite of experienced marketing professionals to help you outsource your marketing needs. 

To get an overview of how we can help, click the link below to get a free strategy session.


Here, we will show you how your business currently performs. A SWOT analysis will ask questions about your marketing activities and what are your goals for the future. Based on your answer, we will set up a plan on how to achieve your business objectives.

Digital marketing is the most innovative way to up your game today. If you want to know how you can take advantage of different ad campaigns, book a free strategy session now. Josh White, our Founder and Marketing Director, will be more than happy to discuss all possibilities.

Our team is extremely passionate, committed, experienced, and dedicated to getting you the results that you expect and deserve.


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