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Creating marketing report is the best way to track the performance of your ad campaign.
Creating amarketing report is the best way to track the performance of your ad campaign.
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Reporting is essential for any type of business to track the performance  of marketing campaigns.
Reporting is essential for any type of business to track the performance of marketing campaigns.

Without a doubt, digital marketing has helped many brick-and-mortar companies achieve better results in sales and revenue. Now that the internet becomes ultra-fast and more accessible, using marketing report to track results is the only way to get to the top.

This article will focus on the importance of using data analytics to monitor the success of digital marketing strategies. At the same time, we will cover the following topics:

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Report?

Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is a way to see if they are effective.

Marketing analytics are measurements of your marketing efforts. It collects and interprets data related to the digital marketing strategies that you have implemented. These data can come in many forms, such as Facebook or Instagram likes, website traffic, conversions, etc.

Some reasons why you need a digital marketing report include:

  • The speed and accuracy of the tracking, measuring, and analyzing different variables help you create adjustments to your current strategies or implement new policies if needed.
  • A sound marketing data is not just a collection of irrelevant figures. Each information represents a value that reflects the improvement (or the lack thereof) of specific marketing action.
  • If there is any problem with your campaign, the digital marketing report reflects it. Some premium data analytics software can even give suggestions on what you need to do to fix it.

Let’s think of it this way: a digital marketing report is like a diagnosis telling you if your body is working well. If it says that something is wrong, the doctor will make recommendations to cure it. This analogy best explains why you need marketing reports for your business.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Report

An accurate report shows the performance of your marketing campaigns within a specific timeframe. Also, sophisticated analytics tools can show you what lies ahead, depending on the results you have and the current market trends.

If you want to know how to create a digital marketing report from scratch, here are the steps:

1.    Identify How Frequent You Need a Report

Don’t stress yourself by monitoring the numbers every minute. You need a collection of data to see the bigger picture, which means frequently looking at the reports is a waste of time.

You can start with a bi-weekly report, with a more substantial briefing at the end of the month. For upper operations positions like the board of directors and stakeholders, you can create a quarterly digital marketing report.

2.    Identify the KPIs You Need

Different companies have different KPIs to track. Understanding which KPIs you need will save you time in doing the report.
Different companies have different KPIs to track. Understanding which KPIs you need will save you time in doing the report.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the value that demonstrates the performance of your company in achieving its business goals. The type of KPI that you need to measure depends on your industry and objectives. The most common KPIs that many businesses use include marketing, sales, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and financial metrics.

3.    Writing the Body of the Report

There is no standard way of presenting a digital marketing report. It’s your call on how to organize the data to create a fluid flow of information. However, don’t forget to include the following in your statement:

Overall campaign results: People reading your report must know how the campaign is doing. This part contains the summary of the campaign’s goal and what are the results that you have gathered.

Channel Results: You can present the results by channel to know as to what extent each platform has contributed to achieving the goals.

Actions Carried Out: Use bullet points to list the different actions you’ve taken to achieve the results.

Conclusions: Summarize the performance of the campaign respective to its goal.

Recommendations: Ask yourself: What can you do to get better results? Write three to four recommendations based on your conclusions.

4.    Include Pictures

Using various presentations can make the report look more organized and interesting.
Using various presentations can make the report look more organized and interesting.

Use variations of charts and tables whenever possible. Pictures convey the message more effectively and break the monotonous appearance of numbers and words.

5.    Additional Steps

If you need to share the data with other members of the board, you can download the marketing report in either PDF or excel format. These reports can also be shared through email, Dropbox, and similar channels.

Using Digital Marketing Report Template

Choosing the right digital marketing reporting template depends on what KPIs you need to track. As you get to know which KPIs you use often, you can customize the reports according to your goal.

Here are the most commonly used digital marketing reporting templates:

General Marketing Report Template

This template encompasses bits and pieces of essential data from different analytics: SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, and other crucial information. Your goal here is to paint the overall picture of the business by incorporating the data from many sources.

SEO Marketing Report Template

Search Engine Optimization is a branch of digital marketing that plays a crucial role in the success of different marketing campaigns. You need an SEO marketing report template if you will measure organic sessions, conversions, landing pages, and keywords.

PPC Marketing Report Template

Use a PPC Marketing Report Template if you want to measure clicks and cost, conversions, and revenues.

Social Media Marketing Report Template

Consider this: there are 3.5 billion social media users around the world. Because of this, many businesses turn to social media to widen their reach. If you’re one of them, then you need a social media marketing template to see where your business stands.

Display Advertising Marketing Report Template

Use this template to compare the performance of your display ads and pinpoint, which ad yields the highest ROI. Display advertising report must include the following KPIs: cost, clicks, conversions, click-through rate, and impressions.

How SMRT Digital Do Marketing Report

Google Data Studio is a hybrid version of Google Analytics. This tool allows us to use more than 12 widgets working simultaneously, unlimited report pages, and connect to many sources of reports, including Facebook Ads Manager (IG, Facebook Messenger, Wazzup! and Audience Network), multiple Google Analytics accounts, and other marketing platforms.

We create a dashboard for our client to show all the critical metrics for their marketing purposes. We do this for our clients in their first month so that they will have a good starting point. From there, they can track all of their metrics, data, KPIs, and ROI in regards to their marketing efforts.

SMRT Digital uses Google Data Studio to create reports for our clients.
SMRT Digital uses Google Data Studio to create reports for our clients.

On this particular page, we pull out the Google Analytics Overview for one of our clients. It shows you how many sessions, average page views, average session duration, bounce rates, and what pages are performing the best. On top of the dashboard, you can filter which data to show based on the date.

Aside from pulling out stats from connected sources, we also do customized reports for every client. We only include metrics that the client wants to see, like how many people go through the funnel and other KPIs.


Every marketer knows the struggle of gathering marketing data, analyzing them, and putting the findings into an intelligible report.

Creating a marketing report is fundamental to identify the actual performance of your marketing efforts. It serves as a map that tells you where you are, in which directions are your campaigns heading to, how far is the next stop, and what are the challenges along the way.

When it comes to analytics, using a system that gives you the highest quality of data at the shortest possible time is the key. There are premium software that can create an informative and well-structured report in no time.

The problem with using software is that they are complicated to use, especially for newbies. If you are not familiar with their interface and what KPIs you need, purchasing one can become a financial pit instead of an investment.

The solution? Hire a reputable digital marketing agency.

With SMRT Digital, we use Google Data Studio to track, analyze, customize, and share reports within our team and our clients. We find it useful to transform data pulled out from different sources into engaging and informative stories. Best of all, we have expert digital marketing specialists who can do all the tasks you need, from top to bottom.

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