From $0 to $3M in
under 6 months


Created a 1,000-strong


Only spent $50k in ads

The Challenge

Scale My Clinic offers intensive training for general practice owners who are looking to grow their medical centre. Like other new businesses, they needed to generate buzz and put their name out there, so people could see what they had to offer. At the time, the company did not have a solid marketing plan. However, they knew that paid advertising was the way to go to grow their community and their business quickly.

Key Problems

New business, so their target market, general practice owners, was largely unaware of their presence

Lacked a marketing strategy, making it difficult for them to reach out to a specific audience and generate sales from qualified leads.

Small online footprint and visibility because they were so new business

SMRT’s Solution

The team launched a comprehensive marketing campaign for Scale My Clinic using a combination of Facebook ads, ClickFunnels, webinars, and a ManyChat automation, among others. We grew their Facebook group to help with prospect engagement and used Facebook remarketing to keep ad costs low. The goal was to maximise their marketing budget by targeting a hyper-specific audience. With our paid ad campaign, we generated qualified leads, which, in turn, led to sales.

We focused our marketing campaign on Facebook ads and used it to grow their Facebook group. We also ran webinars that sent the leads through a ClickFunnels sales funnel that increased the conversion rate.

Our team also used Facebook remarketing to re-engage people who were already interested, so they converted into a sale, which saved on ad costs.

We also plugged sales funnel leaks by using automated chat responses that also helped improve customer experience.

$3 million

Annual recurring revenue in under six months


Total amount spent on their paid ads campaigns

1,000 members

of the Scale My Clinic community

The results? High revenues and a robust community.

Our team was able to increase revenue for the company by targeting qualified leads with PPC campaigns. From an annual recurring revenue of $0, Scale My Clinic now reported an ARR of $3 million in under six months. More importantly, their community of like-minded general practice owners are now a thousand strong. Scale My Clinic will continue to work with the SMRT team to expand their business and encourage more general practice owners to join their community.

Here’s our secret.

We are a one-stop shop for everything digital marketing. Whether you want to grow your online presence, sell more products, or get more eyeballs on your website, we have the digital marketing services to take you to the next level.

We have an in-house team of digital marketing experts supported by an offshore team. This support means that while we are a boutique agency, we can also pass on cost savings to clients when it comes to the monthly retainer.

We are dedicated to having a personalised approach for every client. We know that every business has unique needs, and some strategies might not work for you. We can learn more about what works best and implement a campaign strategy that maximises your potential.

Our attention to detail makes sure that nothing goes amiss. All our clients receive monthly reports on the performance of their campaigns, so we can make adjustments and improvements as we go.

We helped generate $3M ARR for a new education company in under six months. Imagine what we can do for yours.

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Josh and the team have produced incredible results for us. When it comes to marketing you need an expert that knows how to achieve results, fast, and produce high ROI for you. We experienced incredible results from our social advertising campaigns which has contributed significantly to our inbound leads and the overall growth and brand awareness of our business.

Dr. Todd Cameron

Scale My Clinic