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If you’re contemplating on pausing your marketing efforts- don’t! Here are five reasons why you should still be marketing during COVID-19.
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If you’re contemplating on pausing your marketing efforts- don’t! Here are five reasons why you should still be marketing during COVID-19.

COVID-19: It’s Impact On Your Business

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or hanging out with penguins in Antarctica for the last four months, you would not only have seen the impacts of COVID-19, but you’ve probably also been directly impacted by it. The Corona Virus doesn’t only threaten the health and wellbeing of humans all over the world, but it also disrupts the global economy as well.

We can’t think of a specific industry that is not affected by this pandemic at the moment, or that will not be affected by its flow-on effects in the future. However, here at SMRT Digital, we always try to look at the bright side of things. Although it can be hard on many occasions, we believe that it’s the power of positivity that will get us going through these turbulent times.

Businesses are having a rough time due to the pandemic-some are even forced to shut down either temporarily or permanently.
Businesses are having a rough time due to the pandemic-some are even forced to shut down either temporarily or permanently.

Why You Need to Do Marketing During COVID-19

1.    Competition is Low

While your competitors are slowing down their marketing efforts, now is the perfect time for you to take the driver seat and come up with the best marketing strategies. This pandemic created a negative effect on online traffic for most industries. If your website or online store has zero growth in traffic due to COVID-19, don’t dwell on it too much. Just remember that this is not permanent, the tide can change when this is all over. And when it does, your marketing effort will be rewarded.

slow competition graph on covid
While many industries are losing audience, some niches have increased their online traffic.

2.    Marketing Costs are Cheaper

Another reason to do marketing during COVID-19 is placing ads are cheaper. Before the outbreak hits our economy, the advertisers in Australia pay 14 cents per click. As of March 15, 2020, the time when the effect of COVID-19 is accelerating, PPC cost drops to 12 cents. In general, most ad campaigns have cheaper rates because of low demands. The lower ad cost and cheaper leads are great reasons to keep your marketing strategies running.

3.    Build Awareness While Most Audience is Online

As travel comes to a halt and the government orders lockdown as a precautionary measure, most families stay home. Many private companies have implemented a work-at-home system for their employees as well.

With many people staying at home, one thing they will do to pass the time is going online and looking for items that they need. Internetworldstat.com says that there are more than 21 million internet users in Australia. Since most of them are home right now, it’s safe to assume that the majority of them are browsing the web since  the Corona Virus shut down. The number of online users will most likely increase over time as major cities will most likely implement lockdown too.

Here is what you can do to increase brand awareness:

Google Ads: Use effective keywords so that people can find your ads! Use the PPC method, so you only pay Google 9 cents per click.

Facebook Ads: According to Statista.com, there are 11.23 million users of Facebook in Australia today. This figure is expected to climb to 11.56 million by 2022. If you start using Facebook Ads now, you can tap on this big window of the audience to visit your page.

Average Facebook Ads CPC During COVID-19

Blogs: Creating content for your site helps establish brand awareness and online presence. Now that you have time to write, start creating and publishing content.

4.    More Potential to Reach the Right Market

When your business remains operational, people who need your product or services will reach out to you instead of waiting for other companies to open. While other companies stop marketing during the crisis, take it as an opportunity to penetrate the right audience or remarket your brand to those who viewed your ad before.

Keep and extend your high-performing ads. Since staffing is an issue these days, many ad companies, including Facebook and Google, are having a hard time reviewing ads. If you submit a new ad, it will undergo a new review policy, which will take time to process and get approved. Because of this, we suggest keeping your high-performing ads running until the market goes back to normal.

Conversion growth during COVID-19

5.    Keep Your Business IN Business

Unless you have zero money in your bank account right now, you must not stop marketing. People understand that everything will go back to normal. While this situation is preventing them from going out or purchasing items that are not related to COVID-19, they have the luxury of time to search for what they will buy once the pandemic is over.

Final Words

We understand that some of you may have lost your jobs; or may have seen a massive downturn in your business revenue or shut down your doors completely. We feel for you because it’s really devastating. However, what you need to focus on right now is to become healthy both physically and emotionally. Also, continue marketing during COVID-19.

We at SMRT Digital believe that just like other bad things, this too shall pass. When it does, we hope that your business will thrive once again. For now, continue marketing and keep yourself and your family safe by staying indoors as much as possible.


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