Red: Passion, Anger, Vigor, Love, Danger
Yellow: Knowledge, Energy, Joy, Intellect, Youth
Green: Fertility, Wealth, Healing, Success, Growth
White: Purity, Healing, Perfection, Clean, Virtue
Blue: Knowledge, Trust, Tranquility, Calm, Peace, Cool
Black: Fear, Secrecy, Formal, Luxury
Purple: Royalty, Wisdom, Spirituality, Imagination
Orange: Creativity, Invigoration, Unique, Stimulation
Gray: Balance, Sophistication, Neutrality, Uncommitted

What you'll get - the deliverables Based on your requests, you'll receive the following in the final artwork package:

1. EPS & PDF - Print quality files that can be used by other designers and printers.
2. JPEG & PNG - Screen quality files that can be used for websites and presentations.

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