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When it comes to building an online presence, you can think of your website as your castle — it’s what others first see as they approach you and get to know you and depending on how well you design your website, it is what determines their first impressions.

Now, the saying first impressions last holds some truth to it as with the number of options available for any product or service online, it takes just one bug or one minor inconvenience for a potential customer to move on to another provider.

With this, it is important that your website is designed to their appeal and convenience and one way to do that is to choose the right website development platform for your business’ website. 

How to Choose the Right Website Development Platform

Know What you Want

Before you start looking for the best website building tool, make sure you know what you want. Do you need a basic website or one that can handle online selling? Do you need one that allows them to see a complete list of your services? How about adding a testimonial page to build trust?

Knowing what purpose you want your website to serve and what you want it to contain will help you pick the right tool.

Choosing the Right Platform

The internet has lots of website tools, each good at different things. Some, like WordPress and Wix, are easy to use. Others, like HubSpot provide you with extensive options for automation and customisation of your website and marketing efforts.

Some of the Most Common Website Platforms

WordPress: The Versatile Giant

WordPress is a top choice for managing content on websites. 

It’s easy to use, has lots of extra features you can add, and you can change how it looks easily. That’s why it’s great for bloggers, small businesses, and big companies too.

HubSpot: Customisation For You

HubSpot is a top-notch digital marketing tool that can do almost everything for you!

It has everything in one place, like keeping track of customers, sending emails, managing social media, handling content, and looking at data. HubSpot is easy to use, works well with other tools, and can do things automatically, making it great for any size business wanting to make marketing easier, get more leads, and keep customers happy.

Wix: Simplified Design, Maximum Impact

Wix is for people who want to make websites that look great without a lot of fuss.

It has a simple editor where you can drag and drop things, and lots of templates and ways to customise, so you can make a really nice-looking website without much trouble.

Factors to Consider for your Website Platform

Weighing Features and Functionality

When picking a website platform for you, think about how easy it is to use!

How much you can change it, if it can grow with your needs, how good it is for search engines, and if it works well with other tools you use. Is it customisable according to your needs? Checking these things will help you find a platform that fits what your business.

Designing Your Digital Citadel

After picking the platform that works for you, start building your website. 

Use the tools and stuff the platform gives you to make a good-looking and useful website that matches your brand. Think about how people will use it, if it works well on phones, and if everyone can use it easily. This makes sure people have a smooth time visiting your site.

Security and Maintenance

True to your website being your online castle, note that a strong castle needs good security and regular care to stay safe from online dangers and work well. 

Use strong security rules, keep everything updated, and regularly save copies of your website to protect against possible problems.

Growing Your Kingdom

As more people find you online, make sure your castle is equipped to handle them!

Keep making your website better to meet their changing needs. Use tools that show you how people use your site, make your content better, and find new ways to grow and try new things.

Picking the best website platform  is really important when you’re starting your online castle. 

Think about what you need, look at different options, and focus on what tools you want most. This way, you can make a strong online space that shows off your brand and keeps people interested. By starting right and keeping things updated, your online spot will stay strong even as things change online.

Ready to Build your Online Castle?

At SMRT Digital, we understand that modern problems require modern solutions and that for businesses who are starting out in today’s modern world — digital is key. Knowing this, we know just how to design your website in a way that attracts your target audience and shows them who you are.

See how we do it here and schedule a consultation with us today! Let’s begin building your business’ future together!

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