Ranked #1 in Google
for five main keywords


Top 5 results in Google
for 37 keywords


Achieved only within
3 months

The Challenge

Good Buy Clearance Tiles had a hard time getting their name out despite offering high-quality factory seconds and discontinued tiles to homeowners, contractors, and builders. With stiff competition from overseas manufacturers importing the same line of products, this new wholesaler needed all the help they could get to get more visitors into their websites and turn these visits into sales. As a start, Good Buy Clearance Tiles wanted their website to land on the top of search rankings, and they wanted to achieve this organically.

Key Problems

Brand was relatively new, and their online presence was understandably small, and they were up against other wholesalers and retailers with relatively better websites.

Low search engine rankings across relevant keywords meant customers ended up finding and buying from their competitors first

Imported brands dominated the highly competitive tile industry, which meant overtaking competitors required a robust and versatile SEO strategy

SMRT’s Solution

The team performed a detailed analysis of the client’s site and their competition to identify content and link building opportunities. This in-depth analysis of Good Buy Clearance Tiles data revealed comparatively simple keyword opportunities to boost their rankings and increase traffic.

We conducted an SEO audit to identify keywords used to establish our overall content strategy for the website. We also implemented these keyword changes in their core web content, page titles, and metadata.

We fixed and upgraded all facets of their website, from its web design to its UX. We updated plug-ins, fixed any errors, and upgraded their CMS during this period.

We set up a Google My Business account, an integral part of any effective SEO strategy because it lists all the critical details of a business, including its location, which Google uses for its local search.

#1 spot

We landed the Good Buy Clearance Tile the No. 1 spot on the Google search engine page results for their five main keywords.

Just 3 months

We only took 3 months to achieve these results for the tile wholesaler.

The results? Top rankings for the new brand

The Good Buy Clearance Tile website ranked #1 in Google for five main keywords and was at the top five search engine results for 37 other keywords within three months. This resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and boosted their potential for revenue growth. Both visitors and loyal customers shared positive feedback about the new and improved website, saying that it had all the information they needed to purchase tiles. As a result, Good Buy Clearance Tile is now looking to expand its team, work on other projects, and explore more paid ads opportunities.

Here’s our secret.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all SEO strategies, which is why our in house SEO team will come up with one that considers your business, your budget, and the latest SEO trends to make your website rank well not just this year, but for years to come.

We have a wealth of experience in SEO and we’ve seen the ups and downs of Google algorithm changes. We know what tricks will give you a bump in the rankings and all the blackhat practices that search engines frown upon. You’ll get the best results for your business if you work with us.

We listen to our clients and make sure that you get all your needs answered. We understand that every business is unique and unique needs means that we need to provide unique solutions. So, we personalise all our services, from SEO to web development.

We want you to succeed, and it begins by having a comprehensive marketing strategy. You’ll receive a monthly progress report that tracks all of our success in achieving your business goals. If there are specific areas you need help in, we’ll help you personally identify how we can move the needle for you.

We helped a relatively new wholesaler land at the top of search results. Imagine what your brand can achieve with our help.

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After working with SMRT for 4 months, we’re ranking #1 for 70% of our keywords and our website traffic has increased 658% due to our organic rankings. We also outsource our website design and development to these guys and their team are specialists who produce incredible work.

Renata Cruz

Good Buy Clearance Tiles