Achieved an average of 9x ROAS with their Google Ad campaigns


Almost doubled the results in just over a 4-month period from 557% to 947%


Maintained their monthly budget spend, with an improved budget allocation

The Challenge

Bike Biz is an e-commerce store that was already achieving decent results but needed help increasing its ROAS to meet its targets. The owners wanted their target market to know their brand and be the obvious choice for motorbike riders. Before SMRT, they hired an agency that handled their marketing campaigns. However, this move did not get them the result they wanted, which was a ROAS of 800% at a minimum. They needed a digital marketing company to help them achieve their business goals of moving more products. Furthermore, they wanted an agency that was hands-on and did what it takes to achieve their goals.

Key Problems

The business was fairly new to the e-commerce space and their competition had already established themselves (and were likely the brand of choice)

Sales were slow, and they needed to get the word out about their product to get new customers

Available marketing budget, but they wanted to maximise their returns on their advertising spend

SMRT’s Solution

Our solution was to help them establish the techniques that are already working for them and change the ones that weren’t working. With SMRT being a boutique digital agency, we were able to dedicate more time and focus on product categories and campaigns to improve its performance, sales, and ROAS. We also checked on previous product campaigns to improve or to turn them off if it does not give the result that the client needs.

Improve Google Shopping Campaigns by reviewing existing campaigns and implementing optimisation techniques across the board to improve performance

Use Google Display campaigns to retarget people who have visited the online store but never purchased an item, such as add to carts or abandoned carts

Using HTML5 banner ads in display campaigns to improve engagement and conversions

Provide Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategies to their web development and marketing teams to improve the on-page conversion rates

Website traffic campaigns and search campaigns to drive more traffic to their site


Total return on ad spend from their campaigns


Improvement in ROAS over 4 months

The results? Bigger returns on their ad spend.

Bike Biz achieved a return on ad spend through an increase in sales and website traffic. Our team was also able to forecast their required ad spend accurately and their corresponding returns with the predictability they needed. The team was ecstatic with the results.

Here’s our secret.

We are experts in what we do. Our in-house team of digital marketing specialists know how to use data to leverage ad effectiveness. ROI is the only word that matters to us, so we are meticulously data-driven in everything we do.

We are transparent with your progress. With Bike Biz, we consistently achieved the forecasted ad spend and ROAS because we focused on the proper targeting and tuning of each campaign.

We personalise our services. As a boutique agency, we like to think of ourselves as very different from any other digital marketing agency because we tailor everything to your needs.

We work like a large agency. Our services say it all - we offer everything that a bigger marketing agency provides for a fraction of the cost. In return, you’ll get to work with the best of the best.

We are helping an e-commerce shop reap maximum returns from its ad spend. Imagine what we could do with yours.

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Josh has been very professional to deal with, taking the time to explain things, as well as executing without follow up. It is clear he has a strong working knowledge of the entire marketing suite. I look forward to continuing to work with him and moving from strength to strength.

Myles Condon

Marketing Manager, Bike Biz