Real Estate


400% increase in sales


$7.2 million in added revenue

The Challenge

B Invested found it challenging to generate qualified leads for their property investment services. Apart from being a buyer’s agency, the company was also a one-stop-shop that offered financial, legal, and property management services. They needed a consistent, predictable, and cost-effective strategy to get new and experienced property investors to work with them.

Key Problems

Lack of a consistent source of quality leads, which was the result of a poor sales funnel and had a significant impact on their revenue

Insufficient brand awareness and a competitive real estate market, causing investors to find and choose other providers that were only offering properties for the commission

SMRT’s Solution

Our team developed a lead generation strategy and sales funnel that booked the leads into a phone call on the B Invested sales team’s calendar. We also conducted brand awareness campaigns by creating blog posts, posting positive client testimonials, and remarketing their website traffic. This approach boosted brand recall and generated qualified leads within their real estate niche.

Qualified leads filled out Facebook lead form ads that directed them to book a phone call with the sales team

Remarketing to the company’s website visitors through Facebook allowed us to capture contact information from those who were interested but did not fill out a contact form

Brand awareness campaigns created positive brand recall through promotions, blog posts, and testimonials that established their property investment expertise

400% increase in sales

after the SMRT lead generation campaign

$7.2 million

Additional annual revenue after the 400% increase in sales

The results? A quadruple growth in sales.

With SMRT handling their lead generation, the sales team only had to take calls, answer questions, and close deals. Even better, their leads were automatically booked straight into their calendars, allowing them more time for more meaningful, high-value tasks. The sales team also didn’t have to work as hard to sell their property investment services because the leads were already pre-sold after visiting the website. As a result, the client’s sales grew up to 400%, adding a total of $7.2 million in their annual revenue.

Here’s our secret.

We know what we’re doing. Our in-house team of digital marketing and SEO specialists have years of experience in the biz, and we’re here to help you grow your business.

We’re a boutique agency. We limit ourselves to a handful of clients and give them 100% of our focus. Expect personalised services for a fraction of the cost of larger digital marketing agencies.

We offer a complete suite of services. We can easily match the services provided by larger companies despite being a boutique agency because of our off-shore support staff.

We value transparency and efficiency. You will get complete visibility on the progress of your campaigns through project management software, and we will send monthly reports.

A quadruple growth in sales and millions added to their annual revenue. We helped B Invested achieve this kind of growth - let’s see what we can do with your company.

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I engaged Josh and the team at the start of 2020 to assist with my group of companies. I have 9 brands in different industries and Josh and the team have exceeded expectations. Even to the point where we had Josh offer to come in the business and consult to acheive maximum results and streamline processes for even greater efficiency.

Thanks for the help team in 2020 and look forward to smashing new goals in 2021.

Our social media strategy is on point, the brands have been repositioned and content is delivering the best results in 12 years now.

You are only as good as your team, it is important in business to be surrounded by good people who know their stuff.

Thanks again mate and keep up the good work.

Nathan Birch

B Invested Group of Companies